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Arctic Monkeys:
Amy Winehouse:
The Killers:

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If heaven exists and I could choose a scenario to remain would be Black Books for all eternity.
When I can peal my eyes away from the computer screen, I write short stories, that I never get around to finishing.

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    its definitely real - CN means China. lol. China is a coooool place~~ =)
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    hiya xpang~
    haha i will definitely choose Black Books as my Heaven as well


    Reply from xpang:

    Lol, oh yes. black books is sort of heaven on earth...where irresponsibilty and drunkeness reign.
    where are you from? i dont know what CN is...and if it's a figment of your imagination, then im sure it's a great place to visit...or if it's real, it's probably cool too.
    im gonna shut up now, before i make a bigger ass of myself.

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    Ah BB there's nothing quite like it. Bernard was my first intro to Dylan and like all first impressions he'll always stick in my mind and be Bernard above all else. Even though I know he's not really like him. Which makes no sense at all but then thats not new for me lol.

    Plus he was gorgeous as Bernard. And I still want to fix him! If I was Dylans missus I think I'd have to do some sort of strange role play game of him dressing like Bernard and being him. Teehee. That would be funny.
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    Hey xpang!

    Very glad to have a friend from Canada... Didn't I mention I was very fond of that country?
    Well, you are totally right, we are brothers -- the term 'sisters' is much better -- by the bonds of Jam Mafia-hood and nothing on Earth could make it collapse.
    The statement of my 'president', about brotherhood between Canada and France, may be the most intelligent utterance I have ever heard from him. God bless the president for that... only for that >< lol!

    Thanks for leaving a comment, because I totally forgot to check my PM. But I will right after this message.
    Thanks for being with me, sister!

    For peace and friendship across the Atlantic Ocean,
    Greenness, aka Vivi.

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    I love that song!!!!!! Now I have to find Bill's thingy
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